Engineering Dynamics and Life Sciences

Engineering Dynamics and Life Sciences

Jan Awrejcewicz, Marek Kazimierczak, Jerzy Mrozowski, Paweł Olejnik (ed)

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ISBN 978-83-935312-4-0
Data wydania: 2017

This is the fourteenth time when the conference “Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications” gathers a numerous group of outstanding scientists and engineers, who deal with widely understood problems of theoretical and applied dynamics. This year, the DSTA Conference Proceedings were split into three volumes entitled “Dynamical Systems” with respective subtitles: Vibration, Control and Stability of Dynamical Systems; Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Dynamical System Analysis and Engineering Dynamics and Life Sciences. Additionally, there will be also published two volumes of Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics entitled “Dynamical Systems in Theoretical Perspective” and “Dynamical Systems in Applications”. [PREFACE]

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